Our paddock can be booked by the hour or half hour using the booking diary.

Opening times have been adjusted partly due to the amount of dog poo left in the paddock, I have concluded that this is due to the paddock being open durning the evening/dark hours and people are not able to see what there dogs are up to.

Also the weather has been very wet and the paddock is becoming muddy under foot. Hopefully the reduced traffic will allow the ground to recover. I have purchased some grass seed of a more robust and hardy variety which will be sown once the weather improves.

Once again a huge thank you to all who have helped to keep the paddock clean for all.

We permit up to 3 dogs per session included in the standard charge of £6.50 per hour, or £4.00 per half-hour.

Extra dogs up to a maximum of 6 dogs per session will be charged at an additional charge of £1.00 per dog.